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14 Shocked Short Stories to Develop Your English Reading skill.

14 Shocked Short Stories to Develop Your English Reading skill.

Learning English becomes a necessary, and the way to learn English varies according to its skills. In English, you should develop 4 main skills: writing, listening, speaking and reading. Here, and in that article; or to be more accurate, in that collections of funny, shocked and interesting short stories, we get 14 of them, to read, have fun and develop your English reading skill.
Why Lincoln grew a beard?
A Test of  True Love 
John Hearon's Long Walk
On a train to Rome
Land of no Tomorrows 
Joe Dixon and His writing stick
History as tree rings tell it 
Our new telephone 
A love story 
Eggs for professor Louis Agassiz 
Our likes and dislikes 
How the horse came to the American West 

Learn English From Short Stories: How the Horse Came to the American West

Learn English From Short Stories: How the Horse Came to the American West
Think back three thousand years to the deserts and plains of Arabia and of Barbary, famous throughout the ancient world for their beautiful, spirited horses. Trading ships from Phoenicia, at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, carry iron, spices, fruits and horses to Spain. Long centuries pass. The strong, lively Arabian horse has become the horse of the Spaniard. Now come to the American West. It is the West of the Indians and the buffalo. But throughout the whole area there is not a single horse. The Indians of the plains – Pawnee, Comanche, Sioux and all the others – move slowly on foot. That is what the American West was like until a few hundred years ago – a horseless land. Now look at the west in the 19th century. What a great change has occurred! The plains are alive with wild horses which, in some places, outnumber the buffalo. A million manes wave in the air on the deserts and the prairies. The India…

Learn English From Short Stories: Sand

Learn English From Short Stories: Sand

I shall call him Grant Yates; his real name doesn’t matter. A tall, thin man with a bony face, he was probably 50 years old. I was 12 at the time. Like my father, he was a Colorado homesteader. He lived in a little white house at the edge of the sand hills. We lived five miles southwest of him on the hard soil plains. Maybe he liked me because I liked the hills. He loved them. I would get in my horse and ride over to his place; he and I would walk to a big hill near his house and sit there and talk. A Beautiful Hill It was truly a magnificent hill, its sand golden, its grass sparse but tall and green in summer. You could see for miles from its top. Almost any day you could get a glimpse of the smoke from trains on the Burlington Railroad, 25 miles to the north. In the early afternoon, by looking hard, you could see the blue-gray tip of Long’s peak, 100 miles to the west. One day as he sat there letting a handful of sand fall slowly through his fingers…

Learn English From Short Stories: Our Likes and Dislikes

Learn English From Short Stories: Our Likes and Dislikes
One day I was asked to give a short talk at a college for women. As usual after such talks, there was a question-and-answer period during which I attempted to answer questions from members of the audience. One girl asked me: “How do you feel when a newspaper writer gives you one of your books a bad review? I would feel terrible if any one wrote such hateful things about me or the work I had done.” Believing that her question was easy to answer, I began with confidence: “Well, of course, no author would agree that it’s pleasant to read unfavorable criticism. But no one can expect to be liked by everyone. Certain things about you please some people but cause others to dislike you.” Shocking Words “Take your own personal life, for example. You know that not everybody likes you. You have probably noticed that-“ The strange expression on her young face caused me to stop. Her eyes opened wider; she turned a little pale. Suddenly I realized …

Learn English From Short Stories: Eggs for Professor Louis Agassiz

Learn English From Short Stories: Eggs for Professor Louis Agassiz
One of Louis Agassiz’s books on the natural history of the United States has a small drawing of the inside of a fresh turtle egg. And at the beginning of the first volume, one line states: “In New England I received valuable help from Mr. J. W. P. Jenks of Middleboro.” What a story lies hidden in that single line! Mr. J. M. P. Jenks of Middleboro, Massachusetts, became, some years later, one of my college professors; and this is the tale as he told it to me. “I was the principal of and academy in my younger days,” he began, “and was busy one day with my class when a large man suddenly appeared in the doorway and announced that he was Professor Agassiz. Would I get him some turtle eggs? Yes, I would. “It seems that the books he was writing were finished except for one small yet very important bit of observation: Agassiz had traced the development of the turtle egg through every stage but the earliest – when the cell begins …

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